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ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter
1.10.50 Build 5195

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter - Network troubleshooting utility
Figuring out why a computer doesn't connect to a remote host can be challenging, even if you know a few things about networks and how they work. In situations like this, ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter can help you identify and fix the
problem. It is a lightweight utility, with simple and straightforward controls, which make troubleshooting a connection quite
easy, even for inexperienced users.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is distributed as a freeware utility, for all modern Windows versions. Its setup package is
quite small and its components can be installed in no time. The application doesn't require any special tools to run and it doesn't have any significant impact on a computer's performance.

All you have to do is type a host's name or IP address in the appropriate field, in the upper left corner of the interface and
click a button, located in the same area. The application can test the connection to the specified host and pin point the
cause of eventual problems. Alternatively, you can set ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter to fix the connection to that host
right away.

If you decide to test the connection to a host, you can set the application to perform one or more tasks, like pinging the
host, resolving its name, checking its file access settings and others. It is also possible to specify a username and a
password, if necessary. Results for each individual task are displayed in a list, on the main interface and you can double
click them to retrieve additional details, on separate windows.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter provides more options when it comes to fixing a problem. You can set it to enable file
and printer sharing ports, the remote registry service, to disable the firewall and to make other fine tweaks. The entire
operation involves nothing more than clicking a series of check boxes and radio buttons. Once your selection is complete,
you may click an Execute button and let the application take care of the rest.

You can identify connection problems on your network, without too much effort. The application can perform several tests
on a connection. What's more, it can fix connection problems, without too much user input.

There are no obvious drawbacks to mention.

If you have problems with your network connection and you can't figure out what's wrong,
you can let ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter do everything for you.

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Review and Awards received by
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter
1.10.50 Build 5195

Have you ever dealt with a network connection that refuses to work but does not show obvious malfunctions or errors?
Handling such a connection can be frustrating, but there is a simple solution to the problem. ZOLA Connection
Troubleshooter is a powerful program that can help you troubleshoot a remote connection and determine if it has any
problem in the first place.



Query and test remote connections


Fix and enable access to remote hosts


Standard Windows error code


Comprehensive export options

Using ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter

When we launched ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter, the main program interface displayed an intuitive, easy to use
interface. Once a remote connection is detected, the program displays extensive details of any errors along with their descriptions.

The program scanned our network connection and displayed results depending on its findings, so we could easily
determine whether we needed to take any action. Some of the items it checked included the status of registry, services,
access to files, resolved names and ping.

When we wanted to fix remote connection, ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter displayed a dialog screen from where we
could enable or disable different settings, including whether we wanted the service configuration to start automatically
during the next reboot or if we preferred to start it manually after rebooting. We could also use custom alternate credentials
to gain administrator rights. The “Connections Settings” screen also displayed check boxes we could use to enable or
disable the tasks to be performed on the remote host when troubleshooting the remote connection.

Once the program fixed our connection, it displayed relevant details on the four columns. The details included helpful
information about how to fix remote connections. The information explained how different remote access fixes worked,
which made it easy for us to determine the appropriate solutions to detected problems.

It allowed us to export the results into an Excel file, which made it convenient to share or print the details. The program
can also report error messages directly from the Windows error code database, allowing users to look them up for better


ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter makes it easy for anyone to solve remote connection issues by
targeting particular problems. The detailed explanations help users with limited skills
regarding remote network access to solve even hidden problems.

Software Product Description

The ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is an advanced troubleshooting tool, that can help you to troubleshoot a remote
connection to a host in your network. The troubleshooter tool also comes with a built-in remote connection fixer module
that can fix/enable various Windows settings required to enable a remote access for operating systems running
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all Windows Servers platforms.

Review and Awards received by
1.10.50 Build 5195
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter

Network connection problems can be quite obnoxious at some point, especially if there seems to be no error or
malfunction, yet the connection does not work.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is a handy piece of software that can help you avoid or fix such inconveniences.
The program can detect and fix problems related to the remote connection to a host in your network.

Intuitive network connection fixer

The application allows you to scan your network connection and determine if there are any problems. If any
malfunctions are detected, they will be displayed, along with several details about their nature. The program
will check the status of your ping, resolved names, along with access to files, registry and services.

Whenever a connection error is detected, the application will display detailed reports about each detected
problem, along with any possible solution for fixing it.

Reliable remote network access repairing tool

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter provides you with a convenient way of fixing any network problem it has detected.
By displaying detailed explanations on how each remote access fix works, you can enable only the ones that
will deal with your error. This way, you do not have to perform unnecessary fixes or checks, as you can focus on a
particular problem.

Furthermore, the application can report detailed error messages straight from the Windows error code database,
for quick problem understanding and solution lookup. These reports can be exported to a XLS spreadsheet, for
easier printing and sharing.

A powerful and dependable remote connection repairer

To sum it up, ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is ideal for helping you find out what is wrong with your remote network
connection, the fix these errors. Each problem is explained in detail, meaning that people with little knowledge on
remote network access will still be able to use the application with ease.

Troubleshoot remote connection issues

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter can help you to troubleshoot remote connection issues to a host in your network.
The program checks if the remote host can be reached by ping and if it allows access to the file system, registry and
service manager. If any of the tests fail, ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter can fix/enable various Windows settings
required to enable a remote access. In order to fix connection issues remotely, you must have administrative access
to the machine.

Review and Awards received by
1.10.50 Build 5195
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter
Check and fix remote network issues with ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter

Fixing remote network issues can be quite the time consuming tasks. While it is sometimes a matter of making a quick

change to the configuration of one system, it can at other times lead to hours of painful troubleshooting.

The Windows operating system ships with tools to aid users in the process. Windows Network Diagnostics is a built-in

tool for example which has been designed to detect and repair a set of network related issues.

While those may work well on home systems, they fall short usually when it comes to larger networks.

That's where third-party tools come into play.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter

is a free program for the Windows operating system that enables you to check

remote connections and access rights to network hosts. In addition, it can fix remote access under certain conditions

or at the very least point the network administrator or owner of the system into the right direction.

You need to start the program with elevated rights after installation as it won't start up at all afterwards. The interface

displays configuration options at the top.

Here you can select the host name that you want to troubleshoot, and whether you want to test or repair the remote


The following tests are run by default if you select the option:

Ping - pings the selected host name.

Resolve names - resolves host names.

File access - tests access to files.

Registry access -tests if the Registry can be accessed.

Service manager access - tests if Services can be accessed.

You can modify the ping response time in seconds and enable the alternate credentials option to connect using

different account credentials. Tests may take from a mere seconds to minutes to complete and the program indicates

the current task in the stats bar so that you know what is going on.

The networking test itself can be terminated at any time as well which you may want to do after waiting more than a

couple of minutes for results to be displayed or if the test hangs in the connection phase.

You may want to select the fix remote connection afterwards to try and resolve network issues you are experiencing.

The configuration page displays a lot of options to do and all of them require that a connection itself can be

established to the remote system.

Enable "File and printer sharing" ports in Windows Firewall.

Enable "Network Discovery" ports in Windows Firewall.

Disable Windows firewall (MpsSvc service).

Enable Local account token filter policy (workgroup security).

Disable user access control list (UAC).

Enable "Remote Registry" service.

Enable "Computer Browser".

Enable "Windows Management Instrumentation" service.

Automatic or manual service mode configuration.

Besides that, it is again possible to use custom account credentials for the operation.

Closing Words

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is not a "catch-all" type of application. It has been designed with

specific connection issues in mind and it handles those almost effortlessly.

The program itself is compatible with all recent and not so recent versions of the Microsoft Windows

operating system including most recent client and server operating systems but also legacy systems

such as Windows 2000 or XP Professional.

Review and Awards received by
1.10.50 Build 5195
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter
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