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How to install or uninstall microsoft office 2010 software remotely in enterprise network

In this quick how-to tutorial we will demonstrate how you can create a installation package for the

Microsoft Office

product by taking a snapshot of the Windows operating system file and the registry system and then compare
the  installation changes required to remotely deploy

Microsoft Office 2010

product to your remote computers in a
silent mode operation. The same installation package can also be used to uninstall

Microsoft Office 2010

from your remote pc‘s and all remote removal operations are been executed in a silent mode operation and without
any end user interactions.

MSI Package

creation for silent remote distribution and remote uninstallation. The product also comes with a built-in technology to convert any created package into a native MSI Package (.msi), for remote installation and uninstallation.
This feature is very powerful when you have a third party software to handle all your network deployments and only
need a working .msi install package.

Note: All remote commands required to either install or uninstall a snapshot package needs full
          administrator privileges, local or domain rights supported.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our

ZOLA Repackage And Deployment

product from our
website to get the latest version available and install it under administrator rights.


Microsoft Office 2010

into a native ZOLA program package. All repackaged results can be used to install
or uninstall specific programs in remote networks.

From the main application screen click on the „Project Management“ button and select „Create New
Project“ > „Based on System Snapshot Before/After item to continue to next step.

From the „Snapshot“ dialog settings you can modify and tweaks your monitor settings and then click on the „Create First
Snapshot“ button to initialize the first snapshot of the operating system file and registry system.

Creating first snapshot for

Microsoft Office 2010

in progress.

First snapshot created successfully, now install

Microsoft Office 2010

and configure it for your network and with the
company settings you wish to use. After a successfull installation of

Microsoft Office 2010

click „Compare Changes“
to initialize the second snapshot and compare the changes made to the operating system required to build a




Microsoft Office 2010

is installed and configured and second snapshot is in progress. This task may take several
minutes to complete as

Office 2010

is a large application for the operating system and contains hundreds of files and
registry entries to compare.

First and second snapshot completed successfully, now click „Show Results“ to continue to next step and overview
captured files and registry.

From „Project Editor“ dialog you can overview all captured results in both file and registry system. If you are satisfied
with the captured results from the

Microsoft Office 2010

installation click next on the „Save Project“ button to move
to the next step.

Next give your captured project a name and a description and then click the „Save Now“ button to execute the repository
task that will copy all captured results of

Office 2010

files and registry to your specified repository location.

Note: When repository task has completed your package will appear in the main application listview
          and will be available for remote deployment both for installation and uninstallation.

Repository task has been completed and all captured files and registry data are now been stored in your specified
repository folder for later user.

Note: When a package exists in a repository storage you are able to perform following tasks...


Remote Deployment and Uninstall Tasks.

          * Remote Deployment (Installation) of the package to multiple remote computers.
          * Remote Uninstallation of all the package files and registry to uninstall specific software.
          * Remote MSI Package Installation, deploy multiple .msi packages to multiple computers.
          * Execute Remote Tasks like „Run Process“, „MSI Installation“, „Uninstall MSI Products“.

MSI Package Creation and Software Repackaging Configuration. (Convert EXE to MSI)

          * Convert any package to MSI package (.msi file) for silent distribution across networks.
          * Convert any package into a MSI install mode package that can be deployed remotely.
          * Convert any package into a MSI uninstall package that can be used to remove software.

Click „Close“ button to continue.

Repository task completed and

Microsoft Office 2010

package appears in the list of repackaged software listview.

Now we already have

Microsoft Office 2010

available in repository storage with all required files and registry data to
install it to remote computers. Now lets remote install the

Office 2010

to one remote computer running Microsoft
Windows 8.1 operating system.

To remote deploy

Microsoft Office 2010

package right click anywhere while you have the package selected from the
application listview and select „Deploy A Repositored Project(s) to Remote Computers“ item.

Next select the remote computers you wish to remotely deply the

Microsoft Office 2010

package to and click „Execute
Task“ button.

Note: In this tutorial we will be using only one remote computer running Windows 8.1 for the remote
          installation of

Office 2010.

Remote deployment of

Microsoft Office 2010

package in progress. All remote installation are silent for the end user
and without any interuption.

Note: Remote installation tasks can take several minutes to complete and always depends on how
          large the package is.

Microsoft Office 2010

installation completed. From the „Detailed Results“ tab you can view more detailed deployment
results of files and registry data required for a successfull installation.

Microsoft Word and Excel

running successfully after a remote deployment.

Note: As

Microsoft Office 2010

is a large application it is sometimes required to finalize the
          installation and

Microsoft Office 2010

will do it automatically after the first execute.

Now when

Microsoft Office 2010

is installed successfully we also want to show how to uninstall the

Office 2010

application remotely using the same package we used for the installation.


Microsoft Office 2010

installed in Program and Featured (Control Panel) applet.

To Uninstall

Microsoft Office 2010

remotely from any networked computer running Microsoft Windows operating
system follow these steps.

Simply double click on the

Microsoft Office 2010

package available from the main listview and select

Next select the remote computers you want to perform the

Office 2010

uninstallation task on and then click
„Execute Task“ button to start the remote uninstallation task.

Note: All remote uninstallation tasks are working in a silent mode operation and is without any
          end user interactions. This operation required full administrator rights to remote host.


Microsoft Office 2010

files and registry data from remote computer in progress.

Note: The remote uninstallation option in the program supports hundreds of remote uninstall tasks
          at the same time.


Microsoft Office 2010

remotely successfully completed. All

Office 2010

files and registry has now been
removed and the computer is now 100% clean from

Office 2010


Microsoft Office 2010

successfully removed from the computer and no traces are left in the file and registry system.

Final words...


Repackage And Deployment

product is able to remote install and uninstall almost any type of software in
enterprise networks. It supports monitoring installations from easy to complex programs that require services and
drivers to be installed. The software also comes with a built-in MSI Package Builder engine to convert any monitored package into a self installing MSI Package (.msi) ready to be distributed in enterprise networks both for installation
and uninstallation.

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