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How to install software applications in networks to remote computers - (Silent mode operation for end user)

In this how-to tutorial we will explain in simple steps how you can install software application updates in
network remotely to remote hosts.

We will be using the built-in

software repackaging

engine to convert the

Adobe Acrobat Reader

to a native package used by the

Repackage And Deployment

program. All repackaged results of files
and registry data will be saved to a repository storage located at your specific path and can be accessed
from the program gui to install or uninstall the application remotely and without any end user interaction.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our

ZOLA Repackage And Deployment

from our website to get the latest version available and install it under administrator rights.

Now lets repackage existing software installation of Acrobat Reader and install the software to
remote computers in network. (i.e.. Remote Software Distribution)

Before you start make sure you have a

Clean and Fresh

Windows operating system and no other additional
software applications running in the background for a successfull repackaging results and have

Acrobat Reader

setup program downloaded and available on the Desktop.


Repackage And Deployment

product from the desktop.

Execute Repackage And Deployment software product

Click „Projects Management“ button and select „Create New Project“ > „Based on System Snapshot“

Create first snapshot for Acrobat Reader 11.0.09 software program

Make sure you configure your snapshot settings correctly or use default values, then click „Create First Snapshot“
button to initialize and create first snapshot of all files and registry systems.

Create first software repackaging snapshot of all files and registry

Creating first software repackaging snapshot completed, now install Acrobat Reader program and configure it for your
network settings etc... then click „Compare Changes“ button to initialize and compare the changes / modifications
occured in the files and registry systems.


Comparing task may take up to several minutes to complete.

Compare the first and second software repackaging results data

Comparing second snapshot with the first snapshot completed, click „Show Results“ button to continue and view your captured file and registry repackaging results.

Show detailed results of all captured files and registry data during monitor

From the „Project Editor“ dialog you can view, edit and add data to your package. If you are satisfied with the captured
results click next on the „Save Project“ button.

From the project editor you can edit, add or delete captured data results

Pick a name and description for your package and click „Save Now“ button to continue.

Assign package name and description that suite the monitored package


Repackage And Deployment

product is copying all the repackaged files and registry results to your repository storage for later use within the program. Click „Close button to continue to next step.

Repository files and registry data from monitor results to repository storage

Before we can try our

Acrobat Reader

package and install it within the

Repackage And Deployment

program we need
to make sure we uninstall the

Acrobat Reader XI (11.0.09)

software first from the same computer you install the setup to.

Uninstall Acrobat Reader 11.0.09 software from computer


Acrobat Reader

is uninstalled successfully and we can install the Acrobat Reader 11.0.09  software package to
a remote computer in network. To remotely install the package in network right click on the package you wish to install
and select the „Deploy A Repositored Project(s) to Remote Computers“ menu item to continue.

Remote deployment of captured package and install it to network pcs

Now scan your entire network for remote computers to install the software package to or add remote computers manually
or from a ip-address names. „Click „Execute Task“ button to install the software package to available network computers
in machine queue.

Scan network computers and add them to machine queue for deployments
Repackage And Deployment

program is now deploying your software package remotely to assigned remote computers
in machine queue. (i.e..

Install Software in Networks



All remote deployment tasks are completely silent to the end user and without any interactions.

(i.e.. Deploy software applications in networks silently)

e.g.. All network software deployment tasks may take up to several minutes to complete.

Remote software deployment in progress showing all remote task results

After a successfull remote deployment of your

Acrobat Reader 11.0.09

software package you can
view, save or export the deployment results to several popular formats.

(i.e.. Install software in Networks - Remote Deployment Files and Registry results)
Network deployment of software package completed - Export results now
Acrobat Reader 11.0.09

installed successfully using the

Repackage And Deployment

„Network Software Install Module“.

Adobe Acrobat Reader successfully installed after remote software deployment
Final words:

Repackage And Deployment

is a full featured network admin tool to help you with all remote software install and uninstallation within your enterprise network. The tool comes with a built-in snapshot package creation using the
before and after technology that can record and capture any software install or uninstallations into a package.
All monitored packages are been saved into a  repository storage and contains all required files and registry
data needed to either deploy or uninstall the captured software installation. The tool also comes with many useful
features like "Execute remote process", "Deploy MSI files", "Uninstall software products that where previously
installed by the Windows installer msi technology" and all remote tasks are completely silent for the end user
and without any interaction.

One of the major features offered in the

Repackage And Deployment


Repackage any existing software applications (EXE) to a package that is native to the product.
Powerful software repackaging module to repackage easy-to-complex application installations
Deploy and install created software packages remotely across networks and remote computers
Remove and uninstall created software packages from network computers to uninstall software
Execute remote processes like .exe, .bat, .com, .vbs etc... to remote computers in lan/network
Convert any created packages into a silent and compatible Windows installer MSI package files
Install and deploy Windows installer .msi packages remotely in a silent mode operation
Remote software install and uninstallation tools to help you keep your remote pc's up-to-date with latest software installations...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution..
Repackage up-to 99% of all software products with ZOLA technology!