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How to repackage acrobat reader software installation into a msi package

In this „how to“ guide we will demonstrate how you can repackage Adobe Acrobat Reader software
installation into a fully working self installing Windows installer MSI package ready for distribution
across your network environments.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our ZOLA Repackage And Deployment product from our website to get the latest version available and install it under administrator rights.

Download latest version here:

How to convert existing software installation (EXE to MSI) into Windows installer MSI package.

From the main program screen switch to the „Project Management“ tab and click the ... Projects Management button. Next locate the „Create New Project“ ... „Based on System Snapshot Before/After - Recommended menu item.
Repackage Acrobat Reader Setup (EXE) to MSI Silent Package
Next make sure you apply correct monitoring settings for your needs and click „Create First Snapshot“
button to continue and create first snapshot.
Creating first snapshot for Acrobat Reader software - Repackaging MSI
First snapshot in progress.
Monitoring Operating System File and Registry for MSI Creation
Now the first snapshot has been taken and you can now locate your Adobe Acrobat Reader software installation file and install it with your settings and do other Windows operating system modifications. All changes in the operating system will be captured in the (file and registry) systems.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software installation in progress.
Acrobat Reader Installation in Progress - Build MSI From the Setup
When you have completed a successfull installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software then click next on the „Compare Changes“ button to take the second snapshot and compare the difference in file and registry systems between the first and the second snapshot.
Compare Operating System Changes to Build MSI Install Package
Second snapshot in progress...
Creating Second Snapshot in Progress - Convert Results into MSI Package
Now the second snapshot has completed and you can now view and save your captured data as a project that will be repositored into a storage for later use. Click „Show Results“ button to continue to the „Project Editor“ and apply your modification as needed.
Snapshot Results Completed - Generate and Manage your MSI Results
From the „Project Editor“ you can view, modify your captured data before saving it as a project. If you are satisfied with your current monitored results click „Save Project“ button to continue.
Captured Results Available - Convert Results into Silent MSI Package
Next give your project a name and description then click „Save Now“ button to continue to the saving and repository tasks.
Save Monitored Project to Repository Storage
Now the program will copy all captured data between the two scans that occured in the file and registry systems into a repository storage. „Note“ repository storage path can be changed from the program settings and its default path is C:\Repository
Repository Project Task in Progress - Convert to MSI Package
Repository task has completed click next on the „Close“ button to continue.
Repository Task Completed - Now Convert Project to MSI Setup
Now your Adobe Acrobat Reader software installation has been captured and repositored into a storage and is now available from the program projects view.

Convert Adobe Acrobat Reader project into a fully working MSI package

To convert your captured Adobe Acrobat Reader project into a self-installing Windows installer msi package right click on the project name and select the ... „Create MSI for Installation - (Multi Select Supported)“ menu item.
Create Silent Windows Installer MSI Package from Existing Project
From the „Build MSI File“ dialog you can apply various settings for your new msi package.

Click on the „Build Now“ button to continue and compile your msi package as a self-installing and fully compatible Microsoft Windows installer file that can be distributed across your network using any third party programs that supports installation of msi packages in a silent mode operation.
Windows Installer MSI Package Settings - Tweak your Install Options
Compiling your Windows installer msi package in progress, this task can take up to several minutes to
complete and depends on how many files and registry was captured during the installation.
Creating MSI Package in Progress - Silent MSI Distribution Support
Now your Adobe Acrobat Reader msi package has been compiled and is ready for distribution across your network or as a standalone installation to support latest version of the application for your remote computers.
Acrobat Reader Silent MSI Package Successfully Created
Hope you enjoyed and learned from this quick „How to“ guide on how to repackage existing software installation into a silent / self-installing Windows installer msi package.

All ZOLA Repackage And Deployment msi packages uses latest standards from Microsoft technology related to Windows installer and can be distributed / installed in any network running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
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