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How to repackage Mozilla Firefox software installation into a msi package

In this „how to“ guide we will demonstrate how you can repackage Mozilla FireFox web browser client software installation into a fully working self installing Windows installer MSI package ready for distribution across your network environments.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our ZOLA Repackage And Deployment product from our website to get the latest version available and install it under administrator rights.

Download latest version here:

How to convert existing software installation (EXE to MSI) into Windows installer MSI package.

Before continue make sure you have „Project Management“ tab active. Next click „Projects Management“ button and select „Create New Project“ ... „Based on System Snapshot Before/After“
Create Mozilla Firefox MSI Package from Original EXE (Setup) File
Make sure you have assigned your settings before taking the first snapshot. Click „Create First Snapshot“ to continue to first snapshot.
Create Mozilla Firefox MSI from Original Setup in Progress
Now the product is scanning the file and registry system to initialize the first snapshot.
Monitoring Operating System File and Registry for Package Creation
First snapshot completed, now locate and install your Mozilla Firefox web browser applications and configure it for your needs. Our snapshot module will capture all changes made to the operating system. Supported operating system changes are... File System, Registry System, Environment Variables, Service and Driver Management.

Click „Compare Changes“ to take the second snapshot and compare it with the first snapshot.
Taking Second Snapshot and Compare to First one - Monitoring
Taking second snapshot in progress...
Monitoring Second Snapshot in Progress for MSI Setup Creation
Second snapshot has completed and comparison between the first and second snapshot has been initialized. Click „Show Results“ button to continue to „Project Editor“ where you can add or modify your captured results.
First and Second Snapshot Successfull - Now Analyze your Results
If you are satisfied with the captured results click „Save Project“ button to continue.
Add or Edit File and Registry Data to your Monitored Results
Now lets save the captured results into a project and repository all files and registry results into a storage for later use. Click „Save Now“ button to continue.
Finalize Project and Give it a Specific Name
Repository task completed, all captured files and registry needed for the msi package has been copied into the repository storage.
Click „Close“ to continue.
Repository Project into Storage - Convert Repository into MSI Setup
You should now see your Mozilla Firefox project available from the „Project Management“ view.

To convert the monitored project into a msi package installation right click on the Mozilla Firefox Browser project and select „Create MSI For Installation - (Multi Select Supported) item.
Create Silent MSI Package for Network Distribution Installation
From the „Build MSI File“ dialog you can tweak various settings for your MSI package. Click „Build Now“ button to continue and compile your MSI package file.
Generate and Create Silent MSI Package (EXE TO MSI) Setup Settings
Compiling msi package in progress, this task can take several minutes to complete as repackaging existing software into a Windows installer msi package needs some resources.
Creating Windows Installer MSI Package in Progress
Congratulations! ... Your first msi package is ready to be installed or distributed in your network environment. This type of msi package also supports silent mode installation and can be deployed with any third party msi installation tools like, „GPO“ ... Group Policy system services.
Mozilla Firefox Windows Installer MSI Package is Now Ready
Installation of Mozilla Firefox in progress...
Installing Mozilla Firefox MSI Install File in Progress
Hope you enjoyed and learned from this quick „How to“ guide on how to repackage existing software installation into a silent / self-installing Windows installer msi package. All ZOLA Repackage And Deployment msi packages uses latest standards from Microsoft technology related to Windows installer and can be distributed / installed in any network running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
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