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How to convert existing exe to msi package for installation

In this short how to ... tutorial we will demonstrate in quick and easy way on how you can convert any existing exe
installation setup into a fully working and compatible

msi package

ready for installation in your enterprise network.
All created msi packages are fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows installer standards and can be easily deployed with

SSCM, GPO (group policy)

and any other third party tools that supports msi package installations.

Pros: Repackage any existing setup (EXE to MSI) to a fully compatible msi installation package.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our latest version of our repackaging product
ZOLA MSI Repackager from our website to get the latest version available.

Now lets repackage existing setup installation for the product

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition version 2014.476

to a
fully compatible msi package ready for distribution across networks.

From the main screen right click anywhere on the listview and select the
„Create New Project“ - Based on System Snapshot (Before/After) menu item.

Create new project for software repackaging to MSI package.

Click next the „Create First Snapshot“ button to initialize and create the first snapshot of all the files and
the registry system.

Note: The

AVG AntiVirus Free

product installs both a service and a drivers to the operating system so we
           recommend to have the „Capture Setting“ to „My Modification is heavily advanced and contains one
          or more service or driver installations“ checked before creating the first snapshot.

Configure first snapshot using default settings or custom

First snapshot in progress, this task can take up to several minutes to complete.

Iniatializing and creating first msi snapshot in progress

Creating first snapshot completed. Now close the dialog or the application and execute next the

AVG AntiVirus Free

product and install it with your configuration.

Creating the first snapshot for msi package mode completed

Installation of

AVG AntiVirus Free

in progress.

Install AVG AntiVirus software and configure it for your needs
AVG AntiVirus Free

installed and configured correctly.

AVG Free installed and configurated correctly - now compare snapshot

Now restart the

ZOLA MSI Repackager

application and compare the second snapshot and all changes

AVG AntiVirus Free

created to the Windows operating system.

Click „Compare Changes“ to initialize the second snapshot.

Creating second snapshot and compare the changes made to os

Creating second snapshot in progress, this task can take up to several minutes to complete.

Creating second snapshot in progress - software repackaging to msi

Second snapshot of all modifications created in file and registry systems completed. Click
„Show Results“ button to continue to project editor.

Comparing first and second snapshot completed - view your results now
Project Editor

showing all monitored and captured results for the

AVG AntiVirus Free

installation. From the

Project Editor

you can edit, add or modify data for the file and registry system. Click „Save Project“ to save current monitored project into repository storage.

From project editor you can add, edit or delete monitored items from results

Next give your new project a name and a detailed description, then click „Save Now“ button to have your project data
been saved to the repository storage.

Save monitored results and copy all files and registry to repository storage

Saving and moving all files and registry data captured during the

AVG AntiVirus Free

installation into the repository
storage. This task can take up to several minutes to complete and depends on where your repository storage is located
and amount of data captured.

Repository snapshot results into repository storage - convert to msi package

Repository project

AVG AntiVirus Free

completed. Click „Close“ button to close the repository results.

Moving monitored snapshot results to repository storage completed

Now you should see your project called


available from
listview located on the main application screen.

AVG free is now available from the listview - now convert it to msi package

Now lets convert the monitored project into a fully compatible msi package for installation.

To convert the project


into a msi package ready for
installation and to be distributed across your network computers right click on the project name and select the
„Create MSI For Installation - (Multi Select Supported)“ item.

Converting AVG free project results to MSI package for installation mode

From the „Build MSI File“ dialog make sure you apply your msi settings you wish to compile with and then click on the
„Build Now“ button to create your MSI pakcage for installation mode.

Build msi package from snapshot project AVG free - Create silent MSI package



project to MSI package for installation
mode in progress. This task can take up to several minutes to complete.

Creating MSI package for AVG free in progress - silent msi distribution file
AVG AntiVirus Free

software repackaged successfully to a MSI installation package.

AVG free msi package created successfully for installation mode


ZOLA MSI Repackager

is a all-in-one product to repackage any existing setup

(EXE to MSI)

installation to a fully

MSI package

ready for distribution across enterprise networks. The repackage engine uses latest Microsoft
Windows installer standards when compiling projects to a msi package both for installation and uninstallations modes.

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