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How to convert existing setup exe to a silent msi installation package

In this „how to“ guide we will demonstrate how you can convert any existing setup (exe) installations into a fully working silent msi package ready
for distribution across your LAN/Network.

EXE to MSI Repackaging best practice, create your first Windows installer msi packages that uses the Microsoft standards and technology
for MSI creation. All MSI packages created with ZOLA software are fully compatible with GPO, and all third party installers tools on the market today!.

Before continue please make sure you have downloaded our ZOLA MSI Repackager product from our website to get the latest version available
and install it under administrator rights.

Lets move forward and repackage a software called Acrobat Reader installation setup to a fully working Windows installer MSI package that will
be ready for distribution across your network.

To start repackaging we first need to create a first snapshot of the file and registry system before we download and install Acrobat Reader
software. Click on the „Project Management“ > „Create New Project“ and select the „Based on System Snapshot (Before/After).
Create MSI Package from Acrobat Reader Installation
From the „Snapshot - [Files and Registry]“ dialog you can tweak many settings offered for the repackaging process, I recommend to keep it
default for a successfull monitoring. Next click on the „Create First Snapshot“ to execute the first snapshot.
Create First Installation Snapshot for MSI Installation
The program is now initializing the first snapshot, taking full snapshot of all file and registry systems.

Note: Our snapshot module is very powerful and will even crawl the service and driver management systems, this allows you to repackage very
         complex softwares like „Anti Virus“ programs and other programs that require services or drivers installations. Our snapshot module can
         even create msi packages from a installation that requires a reboot to finalize their settings.
Creating First Snapshot in Progress for Acrobat Reader
First snapshot of all file and registry systems is now completed successfully, and next step is to download latest version of Acrobat Reader
software from Abobe website. After the download you can install it with your settings and it will be included into the generated msi package.
First Snapshot Created Successfully for Acrobat and Google
Downloading Acrobat Reader setup from website.
Download Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome Setup Files
Lets check to download and install Google Chrome and Google toolbar as well.
Installing Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome for MSI Recording
Downloading and installing Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome and Google toolbar in progress.
Installing Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome in Progress
Now software has been downloaded and installed successfully. To finalize and configure the software click next on the „Finish“ button.
Execute Downloaded Software for MSI Repackaging
Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome and tool basr has now beedn configured correctly and all modified settings will now be captured during the second snapshot.
Finalizing the Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome Installation
Now when we have installed and configure the software downloaded correctly and we are happy with the results we need to create a second
snapshot to compare with the first snapshot. Switch to the MSI Repackager product and click „Compare Changes“ to continue.
Initialize and Create Second Snapshot to compare with the first one
Creating second snapshot in progress, note: this task can take up to several minutes to complete as the program needs to re-scan your entire file
and registry system then compare it with the first snapshot afterwards.
Creating Second Snapshot in Progress - Please Wait
Creating second snapshot completed, to view your monitored items click next on the „Show Results“.
First and Second Snapshot Completed - Now view monitored results
Your monitored results of all file and registry activity during the installation of Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome + toolbar. Before continue
please make sure you are satisfied with the results and then click „Save Project“ button to continue.

Note: You can add, edit or delete any items monitored in the „Project Editor“ dialog.
Finalize your Monitored Results for your captured data
Now give your monitored project a name and a description that fits well to your msi package. Click „Save Now“ to continue and the next step is to
copy all files and registry available into a storage.
Save Monitored Results as Project into Repository
Repository task in progress, copying all available files and registry entires for the current monitored project into a storage where you can convert
storage into a fully working MSI installation package.

Now wait for the repository task has completed then click „Close“ button to continue.
Repository Monitored Project Completed
If everything goes correctly you should now see your project available from the program main screen, and your project is now stored in the repository
Monitored Project for Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome Completed
Now lets convert our project into a silent-mode msi installation package that can be deployed with GPO (group policy object) or any
other third party tools like remote installers apps. To convert a project into MSI package for installation right click on the project name
and select „Create MSI For Installation - (Multi Select Supported) item.
Convert Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome Project to MSI Package
Next make sure you have configured your MSI settings, then next click „Build Now“ to continue.

Note: From the „Build MSI File“ dialog you have various of options to add to your msi package like installing Visual C++ runtime libraries, shortcuts
         installed to all users or current user etc...
Create MSI Installation Package From Monitored Project
Now the product is converting and building your msi package for install mode. This task can take up to several minutes to complete.
Build and Create MSI Install Package from Monitored Project
Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome + toolbar msi install package created successfully.
MSI Install Package Created Successfully
Now lets uninstall both Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome, then next install our MSI package and see if everything works ok and the software
gets installed successfully.

Go to Control Panel and open the „Program and Features“ and uninstall the software we just installed.
Uninstall Applications Before Install MSI Package
Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome + toolbar uninstalled successfully.
Installed Applications Uninstalled Successfully
Now lets install our MSI Package we just created from repackaging existing setup (exe) installations of Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome
browser software.
Install Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome MSI Package Now
Installation of the MSI Package in progress. This MSI package can be installed in silent mode as well from your GPO system or any other third
party application that supports MSI package installations.
MSI Install Package in Progress - Please Wait
Now Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome are been installed successfully from our MSI package we created using the
ZOLA MSI Repackager product.
Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome Installed Successfully
... MSI technology standards

All MSI packages both for installation and uninstallation created with ZOLA MSI Repackager application are fully compatible with the Microsoft
Windows operating systems and follows the standard MSI technology rules. They are also supported to be deployed with the GPO (group policy),
system and any other third party tools that supports remote installation of a msi packages.
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