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How to capture remote screenshot of a remote computer in network

In this „how to“ guide we will demonstrate how you can capture remote screenshots from a remote computer in your lan/network environment
under administrator rights and in a silent mode operation.

The product uses a secure socket layer protocol running on TCP/IP when capturing remote screenshots over the network, and only
works under admin rights and required ports have been opened successfully that is required to initialize the socket layer.

Before continuing, make sure you have downloaded our ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker product from our website to get the
latest version available and make sure you install it under admin rights.

Below are the exact steps on how to take remote screenshots from a host in your network.

From the product main screen click on the „Add Host“ button to create a new host profile. When you create a host profile the product will
add it to the list view on the left side where you can access it at any time with your configuration for that specific remote host.
Main screen of the Remote Screenshot product - Capture Desktop Screens
From the host profile option you can add the remote computer which you want to capture remote screenshots from and assign some other
settings like „Authentication, „jpg quality, „Include Cursor, and maybe the most important the „Multi Monitor Mode where you can capture
remote screenshots
from all active monitors connected to the remote host.

Next click the „Apply button to save your Host Profile into the product settings.
Add or edit host from the Host Profile dialog - Configure Remote Screenshots
Now you should see your remote host/computer from the program listview on the left side of the main screen. To capture a remote screenshot you
can right click on the remote computer name and select the „Take Screenshot“ item from the menu that appears.

Note: Capturing remote screenshot over the network can take a few seconds to initialize and be sent
         over to the program. This task depends on the network speed.
Capture remote screenshots from a remote host available in the host listview
Remote screenshot captured from a remote computer called „WINDOWS7-64BIT“ and is running the Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise operating system with (x64) bits.
Captured remote screenshot showing in the program internal viewer
If you want to save the current captured remote screenshot to a file, you can right click anywhere on
the screenshot and select the „Save Image As...“ menu item that appears.
Save captured remote screenshot to a .jpg file - Desktop Screen Saved
We hope this short demonstration about taking/capturing remote screenshots from a remote computer in a network was helpful.

Remote Screenshot Taker is an application to initialize a remote screenshot connection over the LAN/Network under full administrator
rights and with required Windows firewall ports opened.
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