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How to create a uninstall project for Adobe Acrobat Reader software

In this „how to“ guide we will demonstrate how you can create a uninstall project that can be used to remove/uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader
software remotely from your network computers in a silent mode operation.

Please make sure you have downloaded our ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall product from our website to get the latest version available and
install it under administrator rights.

Download latest version here:

Before we continue to create the uninstall project for the Acrobat Reader software make sure you have already downloaded the latest version
or the exact version of the software you want to uninstall from your remote computers and we also recommend you to use a VMWARE, Oracle
VirtualBox etc... client running a fresh/clean version of the Windows operating system without any other products installed. In this case the
product will only focus on capturing files and registry related to the software you are creating the uninstall project for.

First we need to install Acrobat Reader software where our ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall product is installed, this is important as we are
going to scan the whole file and registry system locally for maximum performance.

Install Acrobat Reader now with your default settings.
Create Uninstall Package for Acrobat Reader - Silent Uninstall Task
Acrobat Reader software installed successfully.
Remote Software Uninstall - Create Uninstall Package for Acrobat
Now execute ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall product and click on the „Create Search Criteria“ button to create your uninstall project criteria.
Create Software Uninstall Criteria - Uninstall Software from Remote Hosts
From the „Scan Criteria Wizard“ you can enter your search keywords manually or use the built-in search criteria wizard. In this guide we will use the built-in wizard and to continue click on the „Execute Wizard“ button.
Search Keywords to Build Remote Software Uninstall Project
Search Criteria wizard showing up, now we need to scan the computer where we installed the Acrobat Reader software. Click „Scan Local/Remote Host(s)“ button to continue.
Search Criteria Wizard to Help Build Uninstall Software Query
From the „Select Computers“ dialog we are going to have the local computer assigned and leave all other options as default. Click „Scan Now“ button to continue.
Select Computers to Help Building Search Criteria Match
Now lets focus on locating the items related to the Acrobat Reader software and check them. Once you check an item they will be added automatically into the search criteria box.
Search Criteria Wizard - Search Results to Help Build Uninstall Project
We now have search items available. Click „OK“ button to continue
Search Criteria Wizard - Search Results to Help Build Uninstall Project
To continue and scan the local computer for words matching for your Acrobat Reader software click next on the „Scan Now“ button.
Search Criteria Match Completed - Scan Remote Host for Match
Now the product is scanning the local computer for our search terms and will return all matched file and registry items required for the uninstallation process.
Creating Search Criteria in Progress
Search criteria scanning completed and the product will show us the results in a full featured „Project Editor“ where you can add, delete or modify the results before saving it as a project. Click „Save“ button to continue.
Search Results Completed - Add or Edit Search Criteria Results
Give your project a name and a description and click „OK“ button to continue.
Give New Search Criteria a Name
Acrobat Reader uninstall project is now ready and can be found from the „Available Search Results“ tab.
Available Search Criteria Match - Ready to be Executed on Hosts
Now lets remove the Acrobat Reader application using our new created project from the same computer we installed it on. Right click on the Acrobat Reader project and select the „Uninstall Search Criteria Results“ item to continue.
Uninstall Search Criteria to Uninstall Software Remotely
From the „Execute Action“ dialog you can manage your remote computers you want to uninstall the selected project from. In this guide we will
uninstall the project from the same computer we created the project.. Click next on the „Execute Now“ button to continue and uninstall the
Acrobat Reader project from the „WIN8-ENT“ computer. „Note“ The uninstall operation is silent and without any end user interuption and if there
are any files that are in use during the uninstallation process they will be removed on the next computer reboot.
Select And Enumerate Network Hosts to Execute Tasks
The ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall is now removing all files and registry available in the project.
Removing / Uninstalling Software Files and Registry Remotely
Uninstall Acrobat Reader project completed, you can view the uninstallation results from the „Detailed Results“ tab. „Note“ The result can also be exported into several popular formats.
Task Execution Results from Remote Software Uninstall Operation
Acrobat Reader application removed successfully.
Remote Software Uninstall Tasl Completed - Software Uninstalled
„Note“ Our product is comes with a unique uninstall engine that can remove files that are in use and a complete removal will be the results.
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