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Latest version:

1.6.15 Build 1060 (september 10, 2018) -

Windows 10 support added
About ZOLA MSI Repackager - (Powerful setup to msi repackaging tool)


ZOLA MSI Repackager

is used to create a projects by taking snapshot of the changes made to the system files and the registry. The Snapshot before and after technology captures the software installation, installing files and folders or any
other modifications done to the operating system. The changes can be compared
by comparing the before and after snapshots and create full featured Windows
Installer MSI packages for distribuion in your network.

Product Features

Create projects based on system snapshot before/after technology

- This option allows you to create a project from the
built-in snapshot module that will take a full system snapshot using the before and after approax. The snapshot module can
record changes made in the File System, Registry System, Environment Variables. The snapshot module also records
changes in the Service and Driver manager in Windows. The Driver capture module is a unique created by ZOLA Software
and will driver installations from software.

Convert existing project into a self-installing Windows installer MSI package

- This option allows you to convert any
existing projects into a self-installing msi package that can be distributed across your network. The created MSI can be
configured o be only supported for operating system bits x86 or x64 and it supports installation of the c++ runtime library
of all versions.

Repository storage

- The applications is created in mind of storing all available projects data recorded in a
repository storage, the storage path can be set to a folder available on local computer where the application is
installed from or you can point it to a central location using UNC or a shared paths. Set repository storage to a
shared path to allow multiple administrators to access your projects data and be able to create MSI packages
or deploy/uninstall projects data in a central way.

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MSI Repackaging - Setup / EXE to MSI

Available documents for ZOLA MSI Repackager - EXE to MSI Repackager Tool
MSI Repackaging - Setup / EXE to MSI
How to Convert Existing Setup / EXE to MSI Installation - PDF
MSI Repackaging - Setup / EXE to MSI - PDF
How to Convert EXE to MSI for Installation Mode
ZOLA MSI Repackager

flawlessly executes software deployments with minimal set
up... rapid installations of up to five times faster than native installs and automatic software configuration compliance across your enterprise.

MSI Repackager

is a
simple, easy to use tool - spend less time training and more time completing
your software deployment initiatives.

Online tutorial documents that are easy to navigate ... Learn how to repackage existing software
installation to a silent msi installation package that can be easily deployed to all of your remote
computers using SSCM, Group Policy (GPO), or any other third party software that supports
remote software deployment of msi packages.

MSI Repackager check mark notice

Repackage easy to complex software installations that requires either a service or driver installations.

MSI Repackager check mark notice

The built-in snapshot engine that captures file and registry systems during modifications supports locked files.

Convert any existing software installations that requires a reboot after executing the setup process.

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MSI Repackager pros...
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Create both install or uninstall msi packages from the same monitored project.
How to convert Google Picasa and Team Viewer (Exe-Setup) to msi package
The product is now supported for the Windows 10 operating system
The product is now fully supported for the Windows 10 operating system...

Repackage up to 99% of all available software executable (setup's) to a fully compatible MSI package using our latest
product releases. Now our software repackaging products supports capturing installation modifications both Service
and Driver systems and allows you to create MSI installation packages for Anti Virus, and other complex programs.
All created snapshot packages can also be converted to a software uninstallation msi packages that can be used to
remove and uninstall software installations from remote computers within your enterprise network.

Remote software install and uninstallation tools to help you keep your remote pc's up-to-date with latest software installations...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution..
Repackage up-to 99% of all software products with ZOLA technology!