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ZOLA MSI Repackager

is supported to run on these operating systems.

• Windows 8 x86/x64 bit.
• Windows 7 x86/x64 bit.
• Windows 2008 Server or 2008R2 Server support x64 bit.
• Windows Vista (All) x86/64. Bit.
• Windows 2003 (Server) x86/x64 bit.
• Windows 2000 x86 bit.
• Windows XP Professional x86/x64 bit.

Minimum hardware requrements for running

ZOLA MSI Repackager

• ~3000 MHZ processor
• 4GB of RAM (2048MB recommended)
• 300MB of free disk space.

Computer that have

ZOLA MSI Repackager

installed must have.

• Local or Domain administrator rights to computer.

EXE to MSI Visual Package Converter Tool
Detailed system requirements for the ZOLA Remote File Search product...

Before using the

MSI Repackager (EXE to MSI)

tool to

repackage any existing setup installation

from a software to a


, make sure you have the Windows Installer 4.x components installed in the Windows operating system and always
use a fresh and a clean Windows except for the software (setup) you are going to install and repackage into a

msi package.

Keeping the Windows operating system fresh and clean while repackaging existing setup (EXE) to a msi package is very
important and will give our product more success rate when capturing all activities in the file and registry systems and that
is related to the current software setup that is been installed.

Known and common (EXE to MSI) repackaging issues...

The Windows operating system where you repackage existing setup installation from is not fresh installed Windows.

Windows installer 4.x components are been missing, you can download latest Windows installer from Microsoft website.

Make sure you have no other software active and running while repackaging msi package is in progress.

Did you know created msi packages can be deployed and installed using SCCM, Group Policy and any other third
party tools that supports remote installation of .msi packages?. Our MSI packages are compiled using latest Microsoft
Windows Installer standards and also supports msiexec.exe parameters to maximize the installation configurations.
Using our latest product updates for software repackaging solutions you can convert and monitor up to 99% of all
available software products on the internet today into fully working msi packages for install and uninstall mode.

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Repackage up-to 99% of all software products with ZOLA technology!