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ZOLA Repackage And Deployment
EXE to MSI Visual Package Tool - Purchase Now

The Repackage and Deployment product is a very powerful software for all network administrators and their daily tasks.
It comes with a wide range of features related to remote software deployments and software uninstallations in networks.
The product also comes with a built-in repackaging module for repackaging and converting any existing software (EXE),
setup installations into a silent MSI package ready to be distributed across your network / lan.

Remote Software Deployment and EXE to MSI software repackaging product
The snapshot module (before and after) that is used to repackage existing installations into MSI package supports easy to
complex installations that installs services or drivers. It also comes with a Windows operating system protection filters to
protect important Windows components.

ZOLA MSI Repackager

EXE to MSI Visual Package Tool - Purchase Now

The MSI Repackager is a full features MSI repackaging tool. It comes with a very powerful snapshot engine that can monitor
all activities in the Windows file and registry systems. The snapshot module is very powerful and is able to record any
changes a existing software installation apply to the operating system and supports monitoring complex setups that install
either a Windows services or drivers.

Repackage and convert any existing setup installations (exe to msi) to msi package
All created MSI packages are fully compatible with the latest Microsoft windows installer technology standards and are
supported for the GPO (group policy system) or any other third party deployment tools on the market today!.

ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall

EXE to MSI Visual Package Tool - Purchase Now

The Remote Software Uninstall is a all-in-one product to help you uninstall and remove any software in your network in a
silent mode operation and without any end user interactions. The product can remove easy to complex software installations
as all locked files and registry during the removal task will be removed on the next computer reboot.

Uninstall and remove any unwanted software in your enterprise networks.
The uninstall module is a one of its kind! and uses the latest Windows operating system API routines to remove files and
registry entries for a successfull uninstall. It comes with a full support to remove any anti-virus software installed and other programs that change security during installations.

ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker

EXE to MSI Visual Package Tool - Purchase Now

The Remote Screenshot Taker is a full-featured network administrator product to capture remote screenshot from any of
your networked computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The product requires full administrator privileges
and is using a secure socket over a TCP/IP protocol when sending remote screens over the network.

Capture remote screenshots from computers in network in a silent mode operation
The screenshot module is a one of its kind on the market today! and supports capturing all active remote desktop monitors
and can include active mouse cursor to be captured as well. All captured desktop screens are been saved as a native .jpg
file either to a local or to a remote unc path that is configurated in the program settings.

ZOLA Remote File Search

EXE to MSI Visual Package Tool - Purchase Now

The Remote File Search is a network scanning and search tool for your network. It can scan any type of files and registry
keys including values and data types remotely in a silent mode operation. The search results can be viewed from the
internal program viewer and exported into several popular formats including .html, xls etc...

Scan any files, registry keys (values and data) remotely in your enterprise network.
The search engine comes with a built-in multi thread scanning technology that is able to scan hundreds of remote hosts
simultaneously. This feature is very powerful when it comes to the network load and keep up the maximum performance.
Non-profit and educational discounts
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Do you have a trouble installing software executable setups to your remote computers? Are you tired of going to each
remote computer to finalize each software installations that require user inputs to complete the installation?
Now with ZOLA software solutions you can convert up-to 99% of all software installation to a silent msi package that
can be distributed silently to your remote host's without answering all the dialogs required. All created MSI install files
are fully supported by the latest Microsoft standards and supports third party tools like SCCM, Group Policy etc...

Remote software install and uninstallation tools to help you keep your remote pc's up-to-date with latest software installations...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution..
Repackage up-to 99% of all software products with ZOLA technology!