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Latest version:

1.2.12 Build 1250 (september 10, 2018) -

Windows 10 support added
Take Remote Screenshots - Major Features
About ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker


Remote Screenshot

Taker is an advanced tool to capture remote screenshots
silently and without any end user interuption from your remote hosts under full administrator rights.

All captured screenshots

are saved as a native .jpg file and stored into the

screenshots storage

folder for later reference and can even be
opened again into the built-in program internal viewer.

Product Features

Remote screenshots in a silent mode operation


Our remote screenshot module is able to capture
a remote screenshot from any host remotely without any end user interuption.

Captured screenshots history


All captured screenshots are

been saved automatically to your stored location.
The location can be changed under program settings and can point either to a local or a shared paths using UNC names.

The program capture module

- The program snapshot module is working in a 100% native Windows API routines code
that makes t

he screenshot capturing ex

tra fast and reliable. The snapshot module also captures all screenshots in a thread.

Load captured screenshots back into internal viewer

- All availa

ble screenshots tha

t has been captured from remote
hosts can easily be opened into program internal viewer.

Screenshots format


All screenshots captured are save

d as .jpg files to reduce the file size of eac

h screenshot captured.

For each host settings you can configure the jpeg quality from 0 to 100%.


Capture Remote Screenshots in Network

Available documents for ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker - (Desktop Screenshot Tool)

Learn from a simple how-to documents on how you can use our software in your network environment
and to capture a remote screenshots securely and silently for the end user. The Remote Screenshot
product uses a secure socket running over a TCP/IP.


Remote Screenshot Taker

tool works over a simple TCP/IP connection and
uses a secure socket layer protocol when capturing remote screenshots over the
enterprise network and only works under full administrator rights.

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Capture remote screenshots in enterprise networks from any remote computer running Windows operating system.

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Screenshot module uses a secure TCP/IP connections to capture all screenshots in a silent mode operation.

No limitations when adding remote hosts to the program host list.

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Remote Screenshot Taker pros...
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Multi monitor support to capture screenshot of all active monitors connected to remote computer.

Save all captured remote screenshots into local or remote UNC path storage.

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The product is now supported for the Windows 10 operating system
The product is now fully supported for the Windows 10 operating system...
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