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Remote Screenshot Taker

is a small network utility that can capture remote desktop screen from any remote hosts in
your network running Microsoft Windows operating system in a silent mode operation for end user. The remote screenshot
engine comes with a full support of capturing multiple monitors connected to a host and can include mouse cursor to be
captured as well. All captured remote screenshots are saved default to the local hard drive and can be changed to save
them to a remote unc path (settings).

If you need to capture desktop screens from your remote hosts then you can download our tool free of charge and evaluate
it for 30. uses and for unlimited number of remote hosts. Download Now

Take a look at our online videos to better understand and how you can use our product in your network environment...
Capture remote screenshot from a remote host

In this video demonstration we will show how simple it is to add a remote host and capture a remote screenshot with default application settings. All captured screenshots are saved to default screenshots storage but it can be easily changed in the program settings.

Capture Remote Screen as JPG from Host - Watch Video
Capture Remote Screen as JPG from Host - Watch Video
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