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From the installed products criteria you can let the program check if a specific software is installed or is not installed before processing selected remote task on remote hosts.

From the execute action you perform various program
tasks to all your remote hosts. The execute action dialog
also comes with some other features like check if software
is installed or not on remote hosts.


Shows the main screen of the application.

Shows the application settings dialog where you can tweak program settings to your needs.


Shows the powerful built-in search criteria wizard where you can create your criteria from various commands.

Shows the search criteria scanning on a remote host in progress.


Shows a search criteria results from Acrobat Reader software. This info can be used to remove the software
from multiple remote hosts in network.

Shows the progress of an software uninstallation from a remote host in network. All uninstall operations are silent
and without any end user interaction.

Screenshots of ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall - (Software uninstall tool)


Remote Software Uninstall

is a product for network administrators that wants to remove and uninstall any type of
software applications remotely from their remote computers and without interupting their end users. The product comes with
a built-in search engine wizard that can scan local or remote computer for any keywords that match specific application and
will earch the entire file and registry system to collect required uninstallation data needed to remove the software.

Note: Files and registry data that are locked during the uninstall task will be removed on the next computer reboot.

There is no limitation of software you can uninstall, just find correct keywords for the specific application installed and let the
product create a uninstallation project you can use at any time.
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