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Remote Software Uninstall

is a full-featured product to help network administrators to remove and uninstall any unwanted
software installations from their remote computers. The product is based on so called "Criteria Scanning" technology and will
scan the entire file and registry systems from a specific keywords and save the search results to a project that is natively only
for the Remote Software Uninstall product. All saved results should contains required file and registry info to completely
remove and uninstall the entire software application you specified and in case some files or registry are locked during the
software uninstall operation they will be removed after the next computer reboot.

To better understand how you can use the built-in search engine and how to find correct keywords we created a wizard that can
assist you to locate them from a list of already installed applications, and list can be either from a local or remote computer.

Lets demonstrate required keywords needed to uninstall the

Acrobat Reader



"Adobe", "Acrobat Reader", ".pdf"

P.S: If you make sure only Acrobat Reader is installed on the computer you build your software uninstall project from then
        these three keywords are more then enough to build a complete uninstall project for

Acrobat Reader


Take a look at our online videos to better understand and how you can use our product in your network environment...
Uninstall acrobat reader software from remote computers in network

In this video demonstration we will show how simple it is to uninstall the Acrobat Reader software remotely from specific remote hosts.

Remove Unwanted Software from Networks Hosts - Watch Video
Remove Unwanted Software from Networks Hosts - Watch Video
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