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Convert existing projects into a self-installing msi file

In this quick guide we will explain how you can convert existing project(s) into a self-installing Windows Installer msi file for distribution. Note, there are two options to create a msi file i.e...
create msi file for installation where the msi file will install all the available project‘s files and
registry data located in the repository storage, or create msi for uninstallation that can be used to uninstall software from your networked computers.

Before you can create a Windows Installer msi file, please make sure you already have a active project selected from the Project Management tab, then right click anywhere on the projects view and select ... Create MSI For Installation menu item.
Repackage existing setup installation to silent MSI Package (EXE to MSI)
Confirmation dialog will appear with all the selected project‘s that you are about to convert into a self-installing msi file. Click ...
Yes to continue to the next step.
Repackage MSI from Setup EXE Install File
From the Build MSI File dialog you can configure your MSI settings before compile. We recommend you to use default settings that comes with the original installation. If you are going to install your msi file on a 32. Bit operating systems you must uncheck the ... Build for x64 operating system checkbox, and in case your project‘s needs the c++ runtime library files to be installed you can check the required version.

When you have applied your settings click on the ... Build Now button to move to the next step.
Create MSI Package from Monitored Results
The program will now convert selected project‘s into a self installing msi file.
Available Projects that can be Converted into Silent MSI Package
Windows Installer msi file created successfully and is ready to be deployed across your network.
Creating MSI Silent Install for Distribution Completed
The created Windows Installer msi file can be deployed using a Group Policy rule or from any other third party applications that supports deploying MSI files.
Installing - Deploying Generated MSI Package File
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