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Create a project that can be used to uninstall software remotely

In this quick guide we will demonstrate on how to create a active project from the original Mozilla Firefox freeware web browser application. The project can then be used to uninstall the application remotely from your networked computers.

Switch to the Project Management tab and then click the ... Project Management button. From the popup menu select ... Create New Project > Based on System Snapshot Before/After menu item.
Create Silent MSI Package from Monitoring Computer System
Now lets take the first snapshot by clicking on the ... Create First Snapshot button.
EXE(s) - Setup(s) to MSI Package - Generate Install File
Now the program is taking the first snapshot of the file and registry system.
Monitoring File and Registry System for MSI Package Results
First snapshot of file and registry system completed. Next install the Mozilla Firefox application and configure it for your needs, and then click ... Compare Changes button to take the second snapshot.
Snapshot Monitor Module Scanning Operating System for Changes
Taking second snapshot in progress.
Monitoring Operating System Changes for Results - Create MSI Package
Taking second snapshot completed. To view your captured results click on the ... Show Results button.
Monitoring Results Finished - Now Create your MSI Install Package
The Project Editor appears and displays the compared results. You can add or modify any of the data if needed. When you are satisfied with the results, click on the ... Save Project button to save and repository the current project data.
Files and Registry Results - Create MSI Package for Distribution
Next we need to give the project a name and a description. Before saving your project please make sure you have the ... Repository project results checked. Next click the ... Save Now button to save and repository your project.
Convert Existing EXE(s) and Projects into MSI Package File
The repository task will now copy all the captured files and registry into a storage for later use.
Projects that are available in a repository storage can either be deployed or be used to uninstall software from remote computers in network.
Repository Results into Storage where and Generate MSI Install Package
Repository task completed, click on the ... Close button to move to the next step.
Repository Results Task Completed - Create Silent MSI Package
Mozilla Firefox project created successfully and can now be used to uninstall the application from your networked computers or can be used to deploy the application remotely by copying all the files and registry available in the repository storage.
Uninstall MSI Package based on Project Results of Files and Registry
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