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How to deploy or uninstall projects for specific operating systems

In this quick guide we explain how you can control the target operating system version and bitness when deploying or uninstalling projects to/from your remote computers.

Lets demonstrate we are going to deploy a project called Acrobat Reader XI and we only want to deploy it to a Windows7, Windows 8 x64 bit operating systems.

First make sure you have computers available in the machine queue you want to perform the selected deployment task on.
Uninstall Software Remotely - Remove Unwanted Software Remote
Then switch next to the ... Operating Systems tab and check/uncheck the operating systems that will be supported for the deployment task. When supported operating systems has been selected then click on the ... Execute Task button to start the deployment task.
Select the operating system supported for this remote deployment
Now the program will deploy the Acrobat Reader XI project only to the supported operating systems and skip/report the unsupported systems. This rule can be very useful when you have a project that is only supported for certain operating system names and bitness.
Software Uninstallation in Progress - Remote Silent Uninstall
After a successfull deployment you can get more detailed results by switching to the ... Detailed Results tab.
Task Execution Results of all Software Uninstall
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