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Uninstall software remotely from existing project data

In this guide we will demonstrate a software uninstallation having a project already created from the original Acrobat Reader installation on a fresh/clean Windows operating system.

Before you can uninstall software remotely please make sure you already created a project from
the original software installation you are going to uninstall from your remote computers. To create
a project from a installation we recommend you to use our built-in Snapshot module scanner that is able to capture modification in your operating system using the before and after comparison technology.

From the Project Management tab the program displays all available projects that has been created and saved into your repository storage. Right click on a project‘s using your right mouse button and select the ... Uninstall Project(s) Files/Registry from Remote Computers menu item.
Uninstall Software Remote in Silent Mode Operation
Next select your remote computers you want to execute the uninstall task on. Note, from this dialog you have multiple ways on how to get computer names from your network including full enumeration of all computers registered in your network browser DHCP/DNS server. You can also add computer names manually via hostname/ip-addresses or even scan them from a range of ip-addresses in case you want to resolve ip-addresses into hostname.

After adding computer names into the machine queue you can click the ... Execute Task button to move to the next step.
Remote Software Uninstall - Pick Network Computers to Uninstall From
The program starts immediately the uninstallation task by removing all files and registry info in each project‘s selected from computers available in the machine queue. Note, this operation is executed silent and without any end user interuption.
Software Uninstallation in Progress from Remote Hosts
When the uninstallation task has completed you can switch to the ... Detailed Results tab to get more detailed info on what was removed and if the package was succeed or failed.
Task Execution Results from All Software Uninstall Operation
To export uninstallation results you can right click anywhere on the grid and select the ... Export Results menu item.
Export Task Execution Results from Remote Software Uninstall Task
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