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ZOLA Repackage And Deployment - MSI Repackaging (EXE TO MSI) and Software Deployment

The ZOLA Repackage And Deployment is a full featured Windows Installer msi repackaging and remote deployment    uninstallation solution. The product is based on so called ‘Projects’ that is natively for the ZOLA product itself and can create projects by capturing the file and the registry system for changes between two separate scans using our unique snapshot engine technology. The scanning engine is a one of its kind in the software industry today and comes with a built-in protection filters for all operating systems etc… and is able to capture all changes in both file and the registry systems including detection of any ‘Service’ and ‘Driver’ installations from an existing software installation. All repackaged projects are stored in a repository storage using either local or UNC paths where one or more administrators can share their projects and creates a self-installing msi packages ready to be distributed across their networks.

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ZOLA MSI Repackager - Repackage existing installation setup into msi package (Installer MSI)

ZOLA MSI Repackager is a msi authoring tool that allows creating msi packages ready to be deployed as a self-installing msi installer to remote computers in the network. Using this tool you can create msi packages from available repositored projects
that where previously scanned using our unique snapshot module. Multiple selection of projects are supported when creating
a msi package for distribution and a single project with multiple data can be created. The Snapshot technology captures any software installation or other operating system modifications. This is a very powerful module and one of its kind!, and supports both service and driver installations. The product does not require any expert knowledge in msi packaging or in any installation scripting to be able to successfully repackage existing installations and create msi packages. You only need to understand
the msi creation approaches offered by the application and follow the on-screen instructions to create msi package quickly
and easily.

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ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall - Remove and Uninstall Software Remotely in Networks

ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall is a product that can create a software uninstall packages based on a search criteria match
from your specific keywords. The program will search the entire file and registry system to collect matched search results into a package that can be used to uninstall/remove softwares remotely from your network hosts in a silent operation and without any end user interaction.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter - Fix and Enable Remote Access Rights Issues

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is an advanced troubleshooting tool, that can help you to troubleshoot
a remote connection to a host in your network. The troubleshooter tool also comes with a built-in remote connection fixer module that can fix/enable various Windows settings required to enable a remote access
for operating systems running Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all Windows
Servers platforms.

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ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker - Capture Remote screenshots in Enterprise Networks

ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker is an advanced tool to capture remote screenshots silently and without any end user interuption from your remote hosts under full administrator rights. All captured screenshots are saved as a native .jpg file and stored into the screenshots storage folder for later reference and can even be opened again into the built-in program internal viewer.

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Capture Remote Screenshots in Networks
Capture Remote Screenshots in Networks
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ZOLA Remote File Search - Scan and Search Files and Registry Data Remotely

The ZOLA Remote File Search is a full featured, easy-to-use, and highly configurable remote file and registry scanner for Microsoft Windows operating systems that uses multithreading technology when scanning remote hosts so you can scan
more than 500 units per second. Multiple file extensions can be scanned at the same time when scanning the file system
and registry scanner comes with a built-in wildcard support like *winzip*, *notepad* etc... The product has a standard
interface in which you can easily navigate within its features and all search results can be exported into several popular
formats like (HTML, EXCEL, XML, TXT).

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Remote Network File Search Tool
Remote Network File Search Tool
Remote Network File Search Tool

Install or uninstall any software remotely in your network using our unique 'installer/uninstaller' technology!. The software also comes with an advanced repackaging engine to convert any setup / exe installations into a MSI package. The snapshot before and after engine that is used when repackaging existing setups to a msi package supports both service and driver installations and is able to monitor changes that takes place in both file and registry systems. Our snapshot engine also supports installations that require a reboot while installing and finalizing the software installations.

Using our repackaging technology you get more success when repackaging existing software setup into full featured msi
install package. Our snapshot engine captures files and registry data between two sepparate snapshots and support all
types of installations from easy to complex installations. This includes capturing of any 'Service' and 'Driver' installs that
require a computer reboot to take effects.

Our unique uninstall engine is able to remove any files and registry that are been locked while the remote software uninstall operation is executed on the next computer reboot. This makes our 'remote software uninstall' solution one of its kind!.

Capture remote screenshots from any of your remote computers in a silent mode operation and without any end user interuption.
The product works under administrator rights for both local and domain accounts and use a service application when capturing the remote screenshot. The service will be removed immediately after each screenshot and no traces will be left on remote pc.

With our scanning engine you can search any type of files and registry data remotely using our ultra fast multi thread scanner. This will make our product one of its kind when scanning multiple remote computers for both speed and accuracy.

Are you having problem accessing any of your remote computers in your network? try out our troubleshooting tool and let it
help you find the nature of the problem. The product can help you locate where the issue is happening and it can also fix and
enable the required remote settings for your host, including 'Ping', 'File Access', 'Registry Service', and other related Windows components that are required to have remote access rights enabled.

Windows 10 support added - now all our products works under the new Windows 10 (TP) operating system.


Remote software install and uninstallation tools to help you keep your remote pc's up-to-date with latest software installations... software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution ...
ZOLA Repackage And Deployment

- Is a full featured network admin tool to help you with all remote software install and
uninstallation within your enterprise network. The tool comes with a built-in snapshot package creation using the before and
after technology that can record and capture any software install or uninstallation into a package. All monitored packages are
been saved into a repository storage and contains all required files and registry data needed to either deploy or uninstall the
captured software installation. The tool also comes with many useful features like "Execute remote process", "Deploy MSI files", "Uninstall software products that where previously installed by the Windows installer msi technology" and all remote tasks are completely silent for the end user and without any interaction.

Keep your enterprise network and all your remote pc's up-to
date with the latest software updates using our tools ...
Additional product descriptions for our software repackaging (exe to msi) solutions...
ZOLA MSI Repackager

- All-in-one software repackaging tool to convert any software installation into a silent msi package that
is ready to be distributed within your network. The compiled msi package has full support for the latest Windows installer msi
standards and can be deployed to remote pc's using services like SSCM, GPO, or any other third party tools on the market.
The tool uses so called advanced snapshot technology that is able to capture all operating system modifications using the
before and after approach and supports complex installations that requires either service or driver modifications.

your latest software updates to a msi package ready for remote distribution within your enterprise network and have
your remote pc's stay up-to-date with latest applications.

Now with latest software updates you can repackage almost any software to silent msi package (msi) using full-futured
snapshot technology with built-in filtering engine to maximize the repackaging results. We are proud to announce our
latest snapshot engine that now supports service and driver installations without rebooting and software repackaging
rate increased up-from 85% to 99% of all available software products on the market today!.

ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers - Fix, repair and reset major internet browsers

The Repair Internet Browser tool is a freeware product from ZOLA, that can help you fix and repair any of the
major internet browser software available now, it comes with a built-in module to uninstall any installed toolbars,
extensions and search scopes from your Internet Explorer. The product also comes with a full featured module
to reset your browser to default installation state so it will start up as it where freshy installed to your computer.
The product also comes with a remote support and full backup / restore operations in case of failure or reverting.

Repair Internet Browser Tool - Free of Charge
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Advanced freeware tool to speed up your internet browsers by uninstalling unnecessary toolbars, extensions and search scopes
from your Internet Explorer product. The tool also comes with a remote support to interact and fix major browsers from a remote
computer running in your network and under administrator rights, and in case you want to reset internet browsers to their default
state you can use the built-in "Reset Module" both locally and remotely and comes with a full backup and restore support.

Remote software install and uninstallation tools to help you keep your remote pc's up-to-date with latest software installations...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution..
Repackage up-to 99% of all software products with ZOLA technology!